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Dostojevskog 15

Apartment building

Dostojevskog 15

Novi Sad


It was evident that when it comes to design, materialization, and message, the building at Dostojevskog 15 aligns with the building at Dostojevskog 19, at least in its exterior. The difference lies in the interior, dictated by the plot and the specific functions that require a somewhat different approach for each residential building. The scenarios and dialogues in Dostojevskog 15 had to introduce new plot twists, which, not coincidentally, influenced the creative process and had a significant impact on Dostojevskog 11 as the final continuation.

This, not to mystify too much, primarily refers to serving the common beyond the residential unit structures. Symbolic connections were achieved through similar solutions in terms of communication, ramps, zenithal lighting, materialization of interior spaces, and opening up the courtyard apartments with large glass surfaces towards wide and pleasant views. While preserving certain characteristics, a compact courtyard unit was formed, which, it seems, managed to extract the best elements from the neighboring buildings. The transition to neighboring buildings, and the street, was a clear argument in shaping the structure, materialization, and color scheme. Similar to Dostojevskog 19, we aimed for a logical transcendence towards a more modern approach that would please passersby unfamiliar with the underlying processes—a pleasant urban scenography, so to speak.

The apartments are designed as before. Firstly, according to current market requirements for maximum openness through large glass surfaces in courtyard and penthouse apartments, offering pleasant views and morning sunlight. Street-facing apartments, which are generally smaller in size, have maintained their compactness by incorporating small loggias and terraces with tinted glass railings along the facade. In addition to their primary function, these loggias provide an extra sense of airiness without compromising the feeling of privacy and protection that a home should provide in the canyon-like streets of today's urban environment. In the case of spacious penthouse apartments, the setting of the base and roof arches were maximally utilized. This allowed for a spacious living area with a high arched ceiling and a partially sheltered terrace achieved through a previously employed solution of a recessed roof mini-cubes. Apart from its protective function, this terrace also serves to break the monotony of the arched roof and enhances the use of the outdoor space. It now offers the opportunity to enjoy the open sky and creates an even more porous boundary between the interior and exterior area.

MK 2.23.

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