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When someone needs to be explain why vinyl records! Give them the inner cover of the girl with the Pape’s tapestry, while the room fills with the rhythm section from Fuad Midžić street (Munja Mitić on bass, Šeki Gajton on drums, and the masterful Ogi Gajić on saxophone and flute), perhaps the best on a debut album ever. Here, we mustn’t forget Mujo Snažni on lead guitar and the already mentioned Sejo Mali Karajlić on organ and Casio. Nor should we forget the production by Mahmut “Paša” Ferović, executive production by Raka Marić, and all of it in Jugoton under the baton of Siniša Škarica.

We saved Mick Jones and Joe Strummer of the New Primitivism for the end.


Finally: The backyard in this apartment building in Novi Sad is not a parking lot

“We found salvation in the brick and in its composition—We turned it, laid it, tinkered with it, but preserved its dignity”.


It looks like a movie to me: Architectural production in Dostoevsky Street

“Many architects will say that for a good building (film), in addition to a good designer (director), a real investor (producer) is needed.”


Aleksandra Marinčić and Teodora Basta, curators of the 23rd International Salon of Architecture in Novi Sad


k2 at the Architecture Salon in Novi Sad


A white volume elegantly anchored on a pedestal

“It seems to me that this facility saw the Health Center across the street and decided to at least approach it and contact it in some way.”


k2 on the cover of PROSTOR


k2 in the selection for the house of the year 2021


A new visual landmark in Novi Sad’s Rotkvarija

“The openings and their slopes walk and follow the play to achieve a crescendo by splitting diagonally the facade plane formed with compact panels.”


House on Čardak for escape from the city

“The idea is to show all the extroversion of the building from the yard side, but not to limit the desired privacy.”


Novi Sad brick building that connects the matrix of neighboring buildings

“The dark red facade brick imposed itself as a grateful material, trying to partially connect the matrix of the surrounding buildings.”


Novi Sad residential building that meets the surroundings

“In Novi Sad, the LM4 facility has recently sprung up, characterized by a sincere dialogue between architecture and the environment.”


Head tennis

“Somehow, the real beginning is the vacation between the seventh and eighth grade of elementary school.
Until then, Strand, Novi Sad city beach, was one of the options for spending children’s summer break. In fact, just a few years before Novi Sad had become, by force of circumstances or that unfortunate war, the center of my summer vacation. Until then, it was known, at the end of June: straight to Bosnia at grandma and grandpa’s village, no questions about the comeback, with the roast lamb the end of August as a must. Everything in between is a matter of routine in rural duties and children’s distraction with peers of a similar fate, those whose parents naturally migrated to the centers of our former states. But that’s for another story.”

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