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Bulevar Oslobođenja

Residential and commercial building with garage

Bulevar Oslobođenja

Novi Sad


The building is located in the city center, yet it is tucked away on a peaceful one-way street with a significant amount of greenery, away from the main traffic routes.

An attempt to blend the building into the context of the street was achieved through the use of a façade cladding with travertine panels and landscaping the surrounding areas and the building's courtyard. The travertine was carefully chosen to have minimal color variations in its structure, initiating a play of light and brown tones that blend into a cohesive whole, both on the street-facing side and in the courtyard and interior.

The play of light dominates the common areas as well, with the wavy forms used for the skylights, also applied to the staircase railings and the design of the elevator cabin. This was a rare opportunity to shape and design the more wider and diverse common communication areas in residential object and allocate them for their intended purpose. The decision was made not to use the building's central "core" for increasing the floor area of the apartments but to create additional shared value for the residents and other users of the space.

The apartments are designed as before, primarily in line with current market demands, with maximum openness through large glass surfaces of the courtyard and penthouse apartments, offering pleasant views and morning sunlight. Consideration was given to the sense of privacy and the ability to conceal or open up views in rooms located in the junction zone between the courtyard and street wing. The street-facing apartments, which are generally smaller in size, have maintained their compactness by incorporating small loggias into the façade. These loggias not only serve their primary purpose but also provide an additional sense of airiness without compromising the feeling of privacy and security that a home should provide. In the case of large penthouse apartments, the layout of the floor plan and roof planes has been maximized, allowing for spacious living areas and partially covered terraces with flat ceilings and a floor-to-ceiling height of three meters in the central courtyard wing of the building.

MK 2.23.

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